Power measuring


Are you still wasting money on false power laser?

Most sellers do not mark the actual power of the laser pointer.
"False high power" is kind of fish is often used to cheat consumers.
Raise prices with false power, not to be taken! 

LuckLaser will measure the actual power of laser poiner,tell you the real power.

We mark three kinds of out power, better way to help customers understand the laser pointer market.


LuckLaser output power

Power label Explain
Ordinary power On the market, most businesses typically label power values
Tag power 1.The safety warning label attached to the laser pointer.
2.The customer receives the laser flashlight that will shows this power.
3. This is the power of the laser diode.
Actual Power LuckLaser measured the actual power with the laser power meter



Sometimes you buy a 3W laser pointer,found not as good as the original 1W laser pointer power strong.
Obviously, you buy laser products marked by false power.
Unfortunately, most of the laser pointers on the market are virtual power and it is difficult to find laser pointers that mark actual power.
LuckLaser will test the actual power of each laser pointer so as to help customers better choose the right products .



Online false power case:


Warm Notice:
1. Don't pay extra money for false high power laser;
2. Choose the right power according to your actual use;
3. Mainstream laser pointer's actual power test video, you can refer to: www.lucklaser.com 




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