Top high power in the world 3W Blue laser pointer with 3 modes-- Include a laser glowstick and a LED flashlight

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Top high power in the world 3W Blue laser pointer with 3 modes-- Include a laser glowstick and a LED flashlight
Never believe more than 3w blue laser pointer;
Currently on the market, there is no real outpower greater than 3w blue hand-held laser pointer;
Which claimed 5000mw, even 10000mw handheld laser, it can be 100% sure to be false;
Note: 3500mw is the top power now.(July,2015) 
Three Modes:
1. Strong laser beam;
2. Weak laser beam;(support continue work)
3. Pulse laser beam;
The laser flashlight can be used two types of battery driven(2 x 16340 batteries or 2 x 18650 batteries).
Blue laser beam power consumption is very large,Those using a single 16340 battery powered blue laser pointer,Life time is less than 10 minutes, the use is not suitable for long time.
Laser flashlight as a special for outdoor use design, double attack head design exclusive can adapt to more complex and changeful environment, high hardness can easily break rocks glass and other hard material without deformation. Similar products on the market with the fastest speed of light, is currently in production of finished product the highest power, others blue to light we can ignite, and that will be faster.
This product is used in scientific research, teaching, outdoor relief, fishing lights and industrial equipment module.
Laser and high brightness LED and xenon lamps are not toys, children are forbidden to use.
Note: This made-to-order product, we need 2~3 working days to produce it.
Name: 3W Blue laser pointer
Wavelength: 445nm
Output Power: 3000mW -- High output power laser beam, Safety glasses is necessary!
Class: Class IV
Output Mode: Continuous Wave
Laser sharpe: Dot
Product Color: Black
Body material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Operating Temp. Range: 10~30°C
Storage Temp. Range: -10~50°C
Project distance: 10000 meters away (less in daylight)
Working Voltage: DC=3.7V
Warm-up Time: < 1 second
Power supply: 2 x 16340 Li-ion Recharged Battery (Not Include) and 2 x 18650 Li-ion Recharged Battery (Not Include)
Operation: ON/OFF touching button(with safty key)
Expected lifetime: >8,000 hours
Warranty: 1 Year Factory warranty
Packing list:
1x Manual
2x Charger
1x Gift Box(Aluminum Box)
1x 3w Blue Laser Pointer
1x Laser Glowstick/Laser light stick;
1x LED flashlight
5x Lens(kaleidoscope)
1. Never look directly into the laser beam. Never point a laser beam at a person. Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces.
2. Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult.



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