Professional Diving Flashlight 300m Diving Depth Strong Light Long-range LED Flashlight

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Recreational diving is generally about 30 meters depth, professional diving depth of about 60 meters, and this flashlight far beyond professional diving Using imported rubber seals, high-strength tempered ultra-thick glass lenses, shell with 7075 ultra-hard aluminum.

1. Small size, long endurance: Easy to carry, it can be conveniently hand-held, but also can be easily bound to other diving equipment, such as the magic buckle fixed on the arm or use the helmet mounted helmet helmet mirror;

2. Non-magnetic: Conventional diving flashlights like to use magnetic switches, so the magnetic field radiation, this product uses pure mechanical switches, it can be applied to sensitive environments (degaussed) such as anti-submarine, mine sweeping and other magnetic sensitive precision instrument inspection, not afraid of magnetic interference in marine deposits.

3. No electric radiation: The circuit does not generate electromagnetic wave radiation externally (the improper handling of the LED driver circuit will produce electromagnetic radiation).

4. Solid and reliable: Rigorous design, meticulous manufacturing, professional characteristics beyond the same category.

Product Name: LED Diving Flashlight
Product Brightness: Highlight file 260 lumens
Endurance Time: 9 hours
Maximum Range: 208 meters
Maximum Light Intensity: 260 candelas
Drop Height: 2.0 meters
Waterproof Level: More than 180 meters underwater
Light Source: Cree S3 LED
Battery: 1*3.7V 26650 rechargeable lithium battery (Not include)
Product Material: 7075 solid aviation aluminum
Operating Voltage: 3~4.2V
Size: 148x 48 mm
Net Weight: 330g
Switch: Tail Rotary Switch
Color: Black


LED diving flashlight

LED diving flashlight

LED diving flashlight

LED diving flashlight

LED diving flashlight


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