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12W 405nm High Power Laser Blue-Violet Laser Beam

This is a 405nm 12W blue-violet laser System. It is high power solid state laser with a heat sink installed at the bottom of the laser module. The radiator is aluminum with 2 cooling fans. Configuring a heat sink can effectively extend the continuous working time of the laser. There are 3 working modes on the back of the laser power supply: CW/TTL/Analog. The output power of the 0~12W laser can be adjusted by the Adjustor rotary button.

The 405nm 12W laser needs a collection of multiple LDs to have such a high power, so the spot mode is also multimode.
The 405nm laser is a blue-violet laser, which is close to ultraviolet invisible light. The 12W laser is not very dazzling to the naked eye. But the energy is very strong, please wear laser safety glasses when operating.

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