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Several examples of the application of laser holographic interferometry

Several examples of the application of laser holographic interferometry

(1) Laser interferometry of horizontally eccentric elliptical tube with natural convection exotherm The laser real-time holographic interferometry is a new non-contact and full-field measurement technique that is non-disturbing and easy to use. When changing the experimental conditions, it is convenient to continuously observe and record the real-time changes of the fluid, and has been widely used and studied in the fields of heat transfer and mass transfer, such as laser interferometry of horizontal convection elliptical tube natural convection exotherm.
(2) Laser holographic diagnosis of particle-to-particle interaction at the inlet section of the separator
The pulsed laser holography system has a good ability to diagnose the dynamic particle field. It can be used for the study of gas-solid two-phase flow, and the three-dimensional high-speed transient behavior of the particle in the flow field can be obtained, and it has a high time. And spatial resolution, it is possible to study the gas-solid two-phase flow intensively. In 1998, Shen Mingzhong and Li Xiangyang of Tsinghua University carried out laser holographic diagnosis of the gas-solid two-phase flow interaction between the inlet sections of the separator.

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