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1030~1080nm 1060nm SM ASE Light Source Desktop Type

This is a 1060nm band ASE broadband light source desktop button control. It comes with RS232 interface, which can be customized by software control. The pluggable fiber is easy to damage the interface, and the single mode optical fiber here is fixed and cannot be plugged. The power can be adjusted through the button, the maximum output power is 100mW, 10~100% output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. The laser in this band is infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. Here, an infrared sensitive film is used to observe the light spot. Let’s check it now.

The test data report of the ASE broadband light source.

The spectrogram. The center wavelength is 1060nm.

The ASE broadband light source in the 1060nm band is based on ytterbium-doped fiber and diode pumped laser. The spectrum covers 1030~1080nm, and can also be extended to 1010nm and 1100nm bands. At the same time, it has high output power and good flatness. It can be used for optical fiber device testing, FBG grating production, etc.

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