Laser Video

589nm TEM00 Laser Yellow Diode Laser

It’s a 589nm yellow laser pointer. There are shading parts on the front of the laser flashlight. Before use, you need to open the shading sheet. The threaded metal part of the laser head expands the heat dissipation surface area, which is conducive to the long-term operation of the laser. The blue button is the switch button. There is a switch lock and a safety key at the rear of the laser. The power supply of the laser is an 18650 battery. This is the laser of TEM00. Let’s check it now.

Installation introduction.
1. Install the battery first. An 18650 battery, with the positive pole facing the end of the laser.
2. Plug in the remote control switch and key, and the key rotates 90°.
3. Open the front shading part and turn it to the ON position.
4. Press the blue switch button.
5. Warm up for about 5 seconds, the laser starts to work.

The real shot effect when the yellow laser spot is on the white baffle.

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