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Deuterium Halogen UV Light Source TTL Signal Contorl

This is adeuterium lamp & halogen lamp 2IN1 source. The deuterium lamp and the tungsten lamp can be controlled separately. The 2IN1 light source has a pluggable fiber.The fiber is a 400μm anti-ultraviolet fiber. The following is a demonstration video of the operation of this light source. Let’s check it now.

DH Mini is a compact UV visible light source designed for all types of handheld devices requiring low power consumption UV visible mobile spectrum analysis.

DH mini system is a complete UV-Vis-Nir light source, including deuterium lamp, 0.25W tungsten lamp, shutter, light path system and SMA905 interface. All the components are installed on a 12V DC / 600mA power supply. The deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and shutter can be controlled independently by TTL signal.



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