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520nm 1W Green Fiber Coupled Laser TTL Laser

This is a 520nm 1W fiber coupled laser module. There are CW and TTL working mode. When CW working mode is required. Red and Yellow wire to DC 12V positive. Black and Green wire to DC 12V negative. When TTL working mode is required. Red wire to DC 12Vpositive. Black wire to DC 12V negative. Yellow wire to 0~5V Signal positive. Green wire to 0~5V Signal negative. The TTL Signal is Square wave, 0~5V and 1~10kHz. Adjust the signal frequency to test the TTL function. Let’s check it now.

Product Name: 520nm pigtailed laser
Wavelength: 520±10nm
Output Power: <1000mW
Output Mode: Multimode
Multimode Coupling Ratio: >90%
Spot Form: Astigmatism
Fiber Core Diameter: 200μm
Fiber Length: 1m (Customizeable)
Fiber Interface Type: FC/SMA905/LC/SC (Choose)
Fiber Material: Quartz
Coupling Lens Material: Optical glass
Operating Voltage: DC 4.6V
Operating Voltage With Power Diver: DC12V
Operating Current: <2000mA
Circuit Control Mode: ACC / TTL frequency modulation (Choose)
Operating Temperature: -0~60℃
Storage Temperature: -40~85

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