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1064nm 100mW PM Fiber Coupled Laser IR Laser Source

This is 1064nm 100mW PM Fiber laser system, single-mode fiber can be customized.The laser power is adjustable, button control. The power is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. Software control function can also be added. The power switch is on the back. In addition, the RS232 interface is used to link the computer software. The power is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. By default, it adjusts the output power by adjusting the working current. It can also be customized to directly adjust the laser power mode.

Button operation description:
Press the square button in the middle to start adjusting the operating current.The left and right arrow buttons switch the numbers on the units/tens/hundreds of the current value. The currently selected number will have a red frame. The up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the size of the currently selected number. Finally, press the middle square button to confirm. Turn the key to ON, the Active indicator lights up, and the laser is output.

Observe the 1064nm laser spot on an infrared photosensitive plate.

The actual test report data & test spectrum.


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