Laser Video

1650nm 1~600mW IR Integrated Fiber Laser Source

This is a 1650nm infrared laser. The laser power supply and the laser output part are integrated in one chassis. This is a fiber-coupled laser, the fiber is made into a pluggable mode, and the interface uses FC/PC.

There is a PC/M button on the back of the laser, PC mode is a software control mode, users can add this function. The default is M mode, which is manual button mode. The Modulation interface on the back is used to access the modulation signal, and supports 0~10kHz modulation signal input. When there is no signal input, it is CW continuous working mode.

When the laser is turned on, the LCD display shows the working current. The silver rotary button is used to adjust the current, the greater the current, the greater the output laser power. 1650nm is an infrared invisible laser, we need to use an infrared sensitive film to observe the light spot.

Test report of 1650nm 600mW fiber coupled laser.


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