Laser Instructions

980nm 3000mw ir laser ‘s instraction

980nm 3000mw ir laser ‘s instraction

980nm 3000mw laser pointer

1. Load Batteries: : Load “-” negative end of battery first.

2. Switch on the Tail Switch:: There are two options of tail
switches, one is the Keylock Switch, the other is the Simple Button

2-1: The Keylock Switch: Turn into the keylock on tailcap with
the key Clockwise, the LED indicator will turn on.

2-2: Simple Button Switch: Depress the button on the tailcap, the
LED indicator for the power supply will turn on.

3: Turn the Beam On

3-1: Constantly On/Off Button: the lower button
▃ Depress Constantly On/Off Button,the beam is on.
▃ Depress it again,the beam is off.

3-2. Momentarily On/Off Button: the upper button
▃ Depress the Momentarily On/Off Button, the beam is on.
▃ Loosen the press, the beam is off.

4..Switch the Beam Off
▃ Press the Constantly on/off button to turn the beam off.
▃ Switch the beam off at any state by pressing the tail power

980nm 3000mw ir laser

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