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The Main Features of Laser Processing Technology

The reason why laser processing technology is particularly suitable for automated processing is mainly determined by its own characteristics. The main features of laser processing technology include: the controllable optimization of time; the spatial controllability of lasers, such as the ability to rotate the laser beam, the direction of the beam, and the ability to scan at the same time. At the same time, the best way to control the laser processing system is to use computer technology. The reasonable combination of this processing method and Internet technology can form automated processing equipment. This processing equipment can effectively reduce the cost in the processing process and ensure the processing quality, thereby improving the broader and brighter development prospects for laser processing technology. Among them, the main features of laser processing technology include the following parts:

(1) It can effectively improve the efficiency of processing. In the actual production and processing process, the effective cutting of materials by laser processing is eight to twenty times more efficient than that of ordinary cutting methods; the efficiency of the process of deep-fusion welding in the production process is compared with the traditional method Thirty times higher. In this process, after the thin-film resistor is fine-tuned by laser, the efficiency can be increased by up to a thousand times, and the accuracy of the instrument measurement can be improved by one to two orders of magnitude. In the process of strengthening the plating with a laser, the metal deposition rate during the plating process can be effectively increased, and the deposition rate can reach more than a thousand times. In the actual production and processing process, when using a laser to punch a processed material, it only takes two seconds, but under the same conditions, using a diamond drawing die to mechanically punch, it takes one day under the same conditions. 24 hours.

(2) The processed products have good quality and high precision. Due to the high energy density of laser technology in the processing process, and non-contact processing method, it can be completed quickly in a short time. Therefore, in a short time, the thermal deformation of the processed parts will be very small, and there will be no mechanical deformation, which is very convenient for the use of precision machining in the actual processing and production process.

(3) The laser processing method is applicable to a wide range of materials. The laser processing method is suitable for various materials. On the one hand, it is suitable for brittle materials, and at the same time, it is also suitable for materials with high hardness, high melting point, and high strength. At the same time, the working environment for processing is also relatively wide, which can occur in natural atmosphere. Aspects can also be performed in a vacuum.

(4) Effectively improve the economic benefits of processing. Compared with other traditional methods, related personnel calculated the cost and found that the direct cost of drilling with laser technology can save more than 75%, and the cost of indirect laser processing can save more than 80%.

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