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The reason why the laser pointer can’t work

The reason why the laser pointer can’t work

Before ship the laser poitner to our customer, LuckLaser will test every laser poiner, make sure they are woking well.

But still there will be customers receive the laser pointer does not work, we have summarized a bit, usually the following reasons:

  1. Battery mismatc

Different laser pointer use different kind of battery.
Please go to LuckLaser product page find corresponding battery type.

laser pointer battery


26650 battery


2. The battery power is low

Most of the handheld laser is used in rechargeable batteries,
the new battery may not be charged, you need to charge the battery;

battery charge


3. The battery installation direction is wrong

Follow the instructions to properly install the battery.

Battery installation method.
Battery installation method.


4. Battery size is not standard

any ebay, amazon sales of the battery, the quality is relatively poor, the size of the battery than the industry standard large, small, long, short lead to the battery does not install into, or loose after installation, can not turn on the power;

Different types of battery positive
Different types of battery positive


5. Mechanical parts loose

In particular, the tail of the laser pointer

Solution: tighten with a screwdriver

Tighten the cap
Tighten the cap


6. Burn out
Began to work properly.
After some time, can not work.
Most likely the laser LD is burnt out.

Most laser pointer maximum operating temperature is near 45 ℃;
Laser work will produce heat, but the laser pointer itself does not have any heat sink.

Especially high-power laser pointers, The higher the power, the more heat.

Recommendation: more than 2000mw laser pointer, working continuously for 2 minutes to check once;

Feel the hand laser pointer surface, if it is hot, it should immediately shut down, wait for cooling.


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