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C-Band 37dBm 5W High Power PM EDFA Fiber Amplifier

Today, what we bring is a high-power modular erbium-doped fiber amplifier. Let’s check it now.

The one in the video is a C-band 37dBm EDFA with polarization maintaining fiber. Both PM and SM fibers can be customized. The high power erbium-doped fiber amplifier module type has heat sink. We can control the EDFA through software or host computer commands.

The C-band high-power polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber amplifier is based on the principle of laser amplification of optical signals in erbium-doped fibers, and adopts a unique multi-stage optical amplification design and reliable high-power laser heat dissipation technology to achieve high-power lasers with wavelengths of 1535~1565nm, PM output. It has the advantages of high power, high extinction ratio and low noise, and can be used in optical fiber communication, lidar, etc.

The test report of 37dBm EDFA.

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