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1550nm 1MHz Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser: A New Choice for High-Precision Light Source

1550nm narrow linewidth fiber laser is a high-precision, high-performance optical device. It uses optical fiber as the gain medium and generates a laser with a wavelength of 1550 nanometers through the excitation of rare earth elements. It has an extremely narrow linewidth (1MHz), thus ensuring high frequency stability and narrow bandwidth characteristics. This laser has important applications in spectral analysis, optical interference, fiber-optic communication and other fields, and can provide high-resolution and accurate measurement results. At the same time, its high beam quality is suitable for industrial fields such as precision machining and laser cutting. In short, the 1550nm 1MHz narrow linewidth fiber laser is a versatile, high-performance light source that can meet the needs of various precision measurements and industrial applications.

What’s in the video is a 1550nm 10mW 1MHz narrow linewidth fiber laser. As you can see from the video, 1550nm is an infrared laser, which is invisible to the naked eye. We need to use an infrared detection board to test it. The output fiber SM or PM is optional, here is equipped with SM fiber. Its laser output power is adjustable, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW, and the adjustment range is 10~100%. It supports button control and software control.

The laser test data of this laser system.

The laser line width test, 0.64 MHz.


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